Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 2: The College Years - Leaving Small Town USA...

Howdy Folks. So on to the next significant snippet of my life...

After leaving High School I was fortunate enough to get accepted into the Engineering Program at Lehigh University (Go Mountain Hawks!!). Lehigh is located about 50 minutes north of Philadelphia and about 45 minutes west of New York City. The campus is beautiful and the school is pretty top notch. I guess my grades were up to par, and they liked my extracurriculars, so they let me in.

Entering college - I was pretty naive. I used to be fairly comfortable in my shoes around my hometown, but this was something new. We had kids from private schools like the Peddie School and Christian Brothers Academy with full academic scholarships, and also kids who were valedictorians of crazy top rated public schools from New England - some extremely smart lads and ladies.

So anyways - getting back to the interesting part. College had some great things to offer. New people to meet, new things to learn, and a whole lot of beer. I met a TON of great people, I learned a good amount of interesting things - and yeh I did drink a little beer too when i got the chance. I made friends I will always remember, gained some great "real life" experience, and learned a few hard lessons along the way. (Example: Women are Trouble - Let's just leave it at that...)

So in the end I ended up graduating with a Degree in Business and a Minor in Mechanical Engineering. Not my initial plan - but hey, nothing ever works out the way you plan it.

In May 2006, I said goodbye to my friends - threw my cap at graduation, and began to pack up my things and start my new life in Washington, DC with my Brother and another good friend. We rented a townhouse outside the city and we drove the U-haul 300 miles south.

I was excited, completely broke, and not looking back. Time to "Drink the Cool Aid" of corporate America and see what "Living the Dream" is really all about...

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