Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Distinct "Hoods" of DC - I live in "Laptopia"

Hello Peeps - Top of the Mornin' To Ya!

AS you most know, American cities are diverse with people, places, and things. I love the city because you can walk to anything and you can do pretty much anything you can dream of  in any given day. You want Sushi? - No Problem. You want to Go to an Art Gallery? - Sure, why not? You want to sit on the Roof Terrace of the "W" Hotel and gaze at the snipers on the roof of the White House as well as the Washington Monument and Ellipse - yeh, you can do that too...

So anyways, here are the Major DC Neighborhoods:

  1. C-SPANistan

    Capitol Hill, Lincoln Park, Stanton Park, Rosedale
    Power Ranking: 52
  2. Land of the Loft

    Logan Circle, Shaw, Mount Vernon Square, Chinatown/Penn Quarter
    Power Ranking: 44
  3. Banana Republic Republic

    Power Ranking: 43
  4. Carryouter Banks

    Anacostia, Fairlawn, Barry Farm, Buena Vista
    Power Ranking: 43
  5. Sacramento

    Brookland, University Heights
    Power Ranking: 43
  6. Laptopia

    Dupont Circle, Kalorama Heights, West End, Foggy Bottom
    Power Ranking: 42
  7. Connecticut, D.C.

    Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, Forest Hills, North Cleveland Park
    Power Ranking: 40
  8. Notyetworth

    Petworth, Brightwood, Brightwood Park, Manor Park, Crestwood
    Power Ranking: 38
  9. Hubcapitol Hill

    Edgewood, Langdon, Ivy City, Trinidad, Kingman Park, Brentwood Village
    Power Ranking: 38
  10. Liquorridor

    Adams Morgan, Mount Pleasant, Columbia Heights, Pleasant Plains
    Power Ranking: 38
  11. Episcopalia

    Burleith, Glover Park, Cathedral Heights, McLean Gardens
    Power Ranking: 34
  12. Upper Caucasia

    Chevy Chase, Hawthorne, Barnaby Woods, Pinehurst Circle
    Power Ranking: 31
  13. Subarubia

    Tenleytown, Friendship Heights, American University Park
    Power Ranking: 30
  14. Mild, Mild West

    Palisades, Spring Valley, Wesley Heights, Senate Heights, Foxhall, Foxhall Village
    Power Ranking: 28
  15. The Dissed-Trict

    Congress Heights, Washington Highlands, Bellevue, Shipley Terrace
    Power Ranking: 25
  16. Affordia

    Deanwood, Burrville, Lincoln Heights
    Power Ranking: 25
  17. Turrets Syndrome

    Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park, Eckington, Park View
    Power Ranking: 23
  18. Granolan Heights

    Takoma, Shepherd Park, Colonial Village, Lamond-Riggs
    Power Ranking: 21
  19. HUDson Valley

    Marshall Heights, Benning Heights, Capitol View
    Power Ranking: 21
  20. The Bungalowlands

    Riggs Park, Michigan Park, Woodridge, Fort Lincoln, Gateway
    Power Ranking: 20
  21. Lawn and Order

    Randle Highlands, Twining, Penn Branch, Fort Dupont Park, Fairfax Village, Garfield Heights, Hillcrest
    Power Ranking: 20
  22. Nats Flats

    Southwest, Navy Yard, Buzzard Point
    Power Ranking: 17
  23. Drive-Over Country

    Mayfair Parkside, Eastland Gardens, River Terrace, Greenway
    Power Ranking: 14
* A neighborhood's power ranking is the total of its arbitrary rank in six categories: kid-friendliness, housing, eats, consumer goods, nightlife and culture, and intangibles. Power rankings are authoritative in all respects.

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