Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to "Be Strategic", "Leverage Assets", "Streamline" Everything, and become a Rainmaker.

Septmeber's here - and it's time to be STRATEGIC! That's what the firm would say anyways. I've been a Business Consultant in Washington D.C. for about 5 years now, and believe me - we can sell fire in Hell, water to whales, and ice to the Eskimo's...

Business Consulting is really just helping established Corporations and Federal clients perform their work better, faster, cheaper, and/or smarter. We aren't reinventing the wheel at all, we're just "leveraging" best practices to get our clients to a more efficient operating platform. (Ha - You know you are loving the lingo.)

Anyways, we use a lot of buzz words - like Best Practices, Strategic Sourcing, Tactical/Operational, and we also write White Papers. You may ask yourself - "Self, What is a White Paper?" Honestly, it's just a written document which attempts to sell your "advice" on a very targeted topic. By the way, White Papers are usually money makers.

It's funny - I didn't go to school to be a consultant, it just kinda happened. I never had dreams of working in consulting or anything like that. I guess I'm a good talker, fast thinker, and I know how to sell ideas.

I've been a business man in training since I was kid. I worked with my Dad running his business and I was working on my negotiation skills before I was licensed to drive. You never pay full price - believe me, everything in life is negotiable. Also, one thing you need to know is this: "Something is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it." No more, no less.

My goal in this business is to become a Rainmaker. I'm not talking about "Making it Rain" like Rappers always talk about. I'm talking about selling work, and making money for the firm. When you sell work - you move up, and you make things happen. Companies operate on the bottom line, and it all comes down to the dollar. You sell work, you make money. End of Story.

All in all, it's a good gig. It pays the bills and I'm learning a ton about people, life, politics, and power struggles. This game can drive you crazy if you let it - so I just don't let it. When the going gets tough, I laugh it off and move onto something new.

In closing, if you can't take the heat - get out of the kitchen. Or get some Rolaids.

Adios Summer, thanks for the Persistent Heat wave this year. Welcome Fall, it's nice to see you again.

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