Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fast Cars and Freedom

I've always liked cars. My grandfather was an auto body technician and he always kept a few classic cars around his house when I was growing up. There's something about a nice car that just grabs my attention. muscle cars, hot rods, exotic cars - I don't discriminate, I just appreciate.

I learned to drive stick on a 1986 Mustang Hatchback. It was not a very pretty car, but it was handed down to my brother when he was 16 (I was 14) by my uncle. It was blue,  VERY rusty, and not very reliable - but it was fun to cruise around in. My brother fixed it up a bit with the money he made at the grocery store pushing shopping carts - and put a new stereo system and some wheels on it. It was kinda bad ass.

My first car was a '95 Jeep Wrangler. It was pretty sweet, and fun to cruise around with in the summer. I sold the Jeep and acquired a Chevy Malibu - which wasn't very pretty either, but it was my grandfather's car and I thought it was neat to drive it after he passed. I traded in the Malibu for another Wrangler (2006) and that was fun as well. Until one morning I found the top was cut and a bum had stolen everything out of it one night in DC.

After that, I traded that in on a 2006 BMW 330i. It's a pretty sweet ride. Triple Black, sunroof, all the options, etc... My first "Nice Car". I get a lot of shit for it, especially because it looks nice and people think I'm "making money" now. Oh well, forget them - they're clowns.

My hope is to one day open up a classic car restoration business and build some nice rides. We'll see what the firm has to say about that!

Enjoy the last days of Summer, and Drop the Top if you can :)

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